#4: Photographing Brixton

Procrastinating on writing the blog has its upsides. Like actually doing things on the list. Including signing up for a long-overdue 21st birthday present: a photography course.

The excellent City Lit in London has a number of courses: I opted for Photographing Place & Space. In our first project we had to photograph a place we knew well and one we didn’t know at all. Here’s are my favourites from my ‘unknown place’ (I chose Cardigan in West Wales).

The most amazing sweet shop I’ve ever seen

Nothing better than a cosy pub at the end of a long journey!

The view down the high street

Photographing Brixton, which I know very well, was harder. One of the best things about living in a city is being able to observe anonymously. After taking a shot of a row of shops on Atlantic Road from across the street, a man approached me immediately, demanding to know why I was taking a photo of him. I hadn’t actually noticed him in the shot but the encounter made me feel visible and a little vulnerable (and I guess my photographing him had the same effect on him). Suitably chastised, I found that asking stallholders directly if I could photograph their stalls a much more rewarding experience; not only is it impossible to observe without being involved but being involved is a lot more fun. Here are some pics in and around Brixton Village.

One of the arcades in Brixton Village

Another sweet shop. They sell lavender marshmallows which I have yet to try.

Graffiti face

Butchers in Granville Arcade


Needless to say if you have spotted yourself/your shop and want the pic taken down, get in touch!


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