2011: A summary in numbers

Since my last post (not including the one today) I actually managed to make some headway into some of the things on my 30×30 list:

#2: Make or taste 30 new things.
I’ve made Candied Citrus Peel and Panforte from the excellent Gifts From The Kitchen book (here is my rather posh-looking wrapped panforte).

I also made Raymond Blanc’s Chocolate Mousse (surprisingly quick & easy and impressive) and Mary Berry’s Chocolate Roulade for Christmas, which is wheat-free so good for those with allergies or who don’t like Christmas pudding!

#6: Go to 30 gigs / nights (and my 3-word reviews for each)

Clockwise from top left: Evanescence, Smith & Burrows, MF DOOM & Ghostface Killah, Ben Howard, Stones In His Pockets, Wiz Khalifa

Evanescence: Not my choice
Smith & Burrows: Christmassy and warm
MF DOOM & Ghostface Killah: Insane masked hip-hop
Ben Howard: Incredible, acoustic, atmospheric
Stones In His Pockets: Hilarious two-man play
Wiz Khalifa: He likes weed

I also saw Jill Scott who deserves a full sentence: one of the best voices and tightest bands I’ve ever heard. Truly next level.

#13: Learn to drive
My hand was forced into making some headway. See my last post!

#26: Make 30 pieces of art/craft
I got two brilliant books for Christmas. The first was Wall and Piece by the ever-excellent Banksy whose words are as thoughtful as his images. It inspired me to start drawing a comic. Just for fun. It’s still on the back of an envelope but I’ll post it up here soon.

The second was the awesome-looking State Of Craft so I have some good ideas of future projects and 6 metres of African batik cloth which I randomly bought in Brixton market.

Happy new year and roll on 2012!


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