A new year’s eve: throwing down the gauntlet

Apologies for the pause in posts. I’d like to say it’s because I was out doing things on the blog but (although that’s true) it was more about procrastination and avoidance. If I’m not writing the blog I can’t be failing at it, right?

New Years Eve is always depressing. Not least because of the infuriating non-committal conversations I have with all of my friends that starts about a week before and ends at about 7pm on New Years Eve itself:

– what are you doing on New Years’ Eve?
– I don’t know… what are you doing?
– I might just see what everyone else is doing
– Who’s everyone else? Where are they all going?
etc etc etc.

Annoying though that is, it’s also depressing because whether you want to or not you’re forced to consider how the year has been and what you’ve achieved.

For Christmas my brother has made me a voucher for 2 x 1 hour driving lessons. He said he was ‘throwing down the gauntlet’. If I take my test by my 30th birthday there’s a vintage bottle of brandy in it for me. The voucher ‘expires’ on Jan 31st 2012 so I have a month from today. Is it bad that I’m more inspired by the brandy than the perks of being able to drive?

Whatever the reasoning, it’s done the job and reminded me that the list isn’t something anyone’s made me do, so I’d better just get on with it.


2 thoughts on “A new year’s eve: throwing down the gauntlet

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