Making a meal out of procrastination

Hello. Sorry for the delay.

Putting it off

This blog became a bit of a source of shame due to the lack of updates – the more I thought about it, the more embarrassed I was about not updating it so kept putting it off.

No good reason really, except I did sort of move jobs (same company, different hours – no longer getting up at 5am on weekends so started going out till 5am instead! Hooray, socialising).

With less than 3 months to go until 30 I’ve realised I’m not bothered about doing everything on the list.

I’m going to try and finish the list anyway but if anything it’s crystalised certain things for me. If I do nothing else by 30, I want to have started DJing again and get a radio show. However much I put off asking around due to fear and distract myself by cooking when I want to be talking about music, it’s not going to go away. Watch this space.

Some stuff to tick off

It’s going to look like false modesty to now list everything I have managed to do in the last 3 months since not writing the blog. But it’s all come about naturally rather than me seeking it out for the blog.

Leap, and the net sometimes appears!

Anyway here are a few.

1. I passed my driving theory test. 49 out of 50 on the multiple choice and 63 on the hazard peception bit (despite “responding inappropriately” on one clip).

2. I cooked some stuff, including this cake of which I’m very proud. Separate posts to follow.


3. I am getting a short story published. OK, it’s *only* on the web and it’s a children’s stories website, but it’s a charity about world stories which is a great cause and it’s still third party validation, OK?

4. I made a top out of a t-shirt (post to follow)

5. I am hopefully going to be DJing at the London Pleasure Gardens soon


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