The 30×30 List

I wrote this list about a month ago where it festered in the back of my diary until the other day when, after umming and aahing about whether to set up the blog (would I keep it going? would it be weird writing about myself on the actual internet?), I had dinner with a no-nonsense friend (who writes a blog herself) who basically told me to get on with it.

Here is the slightly amended list.

  1. Listen to 30 classic albums I’ve never heard or properly listened to before
  2. Cook or taste 30 new things
  3. Get a short story published
  4. Do my 21st birthday photography course & take a photo every day
  5. Cut my hair short
  6. Go to 30 gigs/nights
  7. DJ somewhere cool & learn to actually mix
  8. Run 5k
  9. Make a film
  10. Go to the cinema alone
  11. Do a radio show
  12. Make a song
  13. Learn to drive
  14. Sing in public
  15. Dance on a carnival float
  16. Be in a play
  17. Go out for dinner alone
  18. Host a cocktail party
  19. Write an article in a newspaper
  20. Volunteer with young people
  21. Go to the Balkans
  22. Go to a film premiere
  23. Do 30 good turns in a day
  24. Not wear jeans for 30 days
  25. Night vigil by myself round a camp fire
  26. Make 30 pieces of art/craft
  27. See 30 classic films
  28. Set up a subscription to a charity
  29. Start a blog
  30. Drink a white Russian at the top of the Shard

Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “The 30×30 List

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